What is Fracta?


Fracta is a precious resource, harvested methodically, and in the face of great peril, by the Vraxxian Clans over many centuries… but for us Star Crusaders, it is a new in-game currency, which you will use to acquire many awesome new (and existing) things throughout the game!


How can you get Fracta?


• Complete weekly missions (new mission are coming soon)!
• Find it in “Exploration” mode!
• Earn it from season rewards!
• Watch rewarded videos from your mobile devices!


Of course, the best way to get Fracta while supporting Star Crusade development directly is to buy it from the in-game store!


Star Crusade has always been very friendly to F2P players, and that will continue to be the case – you will still be able to use credits to buy boosters, raid tickets, and weekly cards. In the future, we will expand the different ways you could spend your credits in game.


We’ve also got a lot of awesome game features coming soon, and we will be adding new ways to get and spend Fracta with the coming updates.


Thanks for your support and we will see you in orbit!