Vraxxian sketch and Vraxxia lore

2Vraxxia is a tidally locked planet located within the Great Maw, the name of the wormhole that has swallowed up the entire Vraxx solar system within its dimensional pocket. The communities of the Vraxxian Prides evolved into distinct above and underground communities based on the unique ecosystems that constitute Vraxxia: The freezing Everdark, The sun drenched Tundra Wilds and the Fracta rich equatorial levitating Spine, filled with its crashing floating islands. Vraxxia travels with the Great Maw and is exceedingly difficult to find, but life on Vraxxia has evolved to be sensitive to the unique rules of physics and strong magnetic and gravitational fields coming from the wormhole to such an extent that the common saying is:  “If you want to go to Vraxx, get a Vraxxian to do it.”