Update 1.3.8


Maintenance is complete and the servers are now available!


Patchnotes 1.3.8:


• You can now speed up the opening of active crates in exchange for a crate that does not fit into the storage:


*Common crate -5 minutes 
*Elite crate -10 minutes
*Paragon crate -15 minutes


• Improved user interface elements associated with enhanced cards
• Improved stability of the game client

The balance of the following 7 cards and modules has been changed: 


• Card “Hunter Seeker Drones”. Attack reduced from 4 to 3. Text changed to: SHIELD. ACTIVATE: Deal 2 damage to one enemy unit and 1 damage to adjacent units

• Card “Raptor Tank”. Text changed to: ARMORED. ENERGIZE 8: also gain SCREEN

• Card “Reddow”. Health increased from 1 to 3. Text changed to: MOBILITY. Gain additional attack every time you activate a Module. CANNOT be targeted by Tactics or Modules.

• Card “Lieutenant”. Attack reduced from 5 to 4.

• Card “Pulse Barrage”. Text changed to: Deal _1 damage to all enemies units. If you have three or more units, deal _2 instead

• Module “Consult General Staff”. Cost reduced from 11 to 10 energy. Text changed to: Draw a random tactic card from your deck. Every time you use this module it’s Activation costs (2) Energy more.

• Module “Auto-Repair Protocols”. Text changed to: If you control only Cyborg units, they RESTORE 1 HEALTH at the end of your turn


See you in orbit!