Update 1.2.3


Star Crusaders! Server maintenance has concluded and Star Crusade is once again available.


Patchnotes 1.2.3
Added commander gear:
– you can now customize your Commanders’ appearance from the Player Profile (click/tap on your avatar on the top left of the screen)
– collect 3 unique sets for each commander, 8 items in each set!
– see your opponent’s gear before and during battles
– maximize your Gear Score! see if you can reach 48 for each Commander!


Added daily rewards:
– login every day to get bigger and bigger rewards
– up to 28 different rewards per month!
– score unique card backs and avatars as part of the login bonuses


Added loot crates:
– you can now get loot Crates after each victory in casual and ranked mode
– chance to get Common, Elite or Paragon Crates after each victory (or from login rewards)
– each Crate has up to 3 items inside, the more rare the crate, the better the rewards!
– unlock crates to find gear for commanders, unique cards, avatars, card backs, fracta, boosters, scrap and much more
– increase your ship’s storage capacity to capture more crates when playing


Also we added:
• 11 new cards
• 10 new card backs
• 10 new avatars


Other changes:
• Reworked various UI elements
• Fixed some game bugs


Balance changes of 5 cards and modules:
• “Contamination” module. Text change to: If you control a Geneshaper at the end of your turn, random enemy unit gains text “Deal 1 damage to this unit and spread this effect to random adjacent unit at the start of it’s owner’s turn”. You start with 5 less HP
• “Duplicate” module. Text change to: Create a COPY of the last card drawn. It costs (2) more SUPPLY. Every time you use this module it’s Activation costs (2) Energy more
• “Damage Control Protocols” module. Text chage to: If you target a textless or NULLIFIED unit with a Tactic, it gains +1/+1 and your Tactics cost (1) SUPPLY more until the end of your turn
• “Hellfire Cannon” card. Text change to: Gains +1 ATTACK if your Commander deals damage and destroys a unit. Loses 1 ATTACK if a unit isn’t destroyed after that
• “Mad Minute module”. Cost increased from 12 to 14 energy

See you in orbit!