Update 1.2.2. Server maintenance has concluded


Star Crusaders!


Server maintenance has concluded and Star Crusade is once again available.


Patchnotes 1.2.2:
• Now in Raid Mode you can have only one copy of module in your deck
• Reworked ingame shop. New ingame currency added – “Fracta”. You can get Fracta during gameplay
• Added a number of new game effects
• Fixed some game bugs


• Balance changes of the following 12 cards and modules (including Vraxxian cards):


• “Youngmane” card. Attack reduced from 2 to 1.
• “Time Echoes” card. Create two 1/1 copies of a selected unit. The effects on the unit won’t be duplicated
• “Captain’s Pride” module. At the start of your turn, your Commander gains SCREEN if you have no units with SCREEN and he has more HEALTH than opponent. Commander loses SCREEN after he takes damage
• “Nergal’s Gift” module. Costs reduced from 12 to 8 energy.
• “Auto-Repair Protocols” module. If you control only CYBORG units they RESTORE 2 HEALTH at the end of your turn. You start with 5 less HEALTH
• “Overclock Targeting Servos” module. Cost reduced from 8 to 6 energy. Take 3 damage. Your next played Tactic card costs (2) less SUPPLY
• “Plague Nexus” module. Cost increased from 6 to 9 energy. Draw a Geneshaper Apprentice card
• “Natural Selection” module. If you control 3 or more Aberrations, random one with MUTATION ability mutates at the end of your turn. You start with 5 less HEALTH
• “Infect” module. Cost increased from 7 to 9 energy.
• “Combat Engineer” card. At the end of your turn, add 1 MAX HEALTH to another random friendly unit
• “War Banner” card. Cost reduced from 3 to 2.
• “Ethereal Enlightenment” module. If you have less than 5 PSYCHIC CHARGE at the end of your turn, gain 1. You start with 10 less HEALTH


See you in orbit!