The Crusade Grand Final

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Greetings Star Crusaders! The Series Finale of the Star Crusade Tournament will start on 09.18.16 at 7:00 AM PDT. Eight top players will face off fighting for a chance to win the 1st place prize.


We will be broadcasting the tournament on our official Twitch channel:


Don’t miss out, please sign up and watch it with us!


Participants and spectators, please familiarize with the rules for the grand finale:
1) Single elimination
2) Best of 5
3) Each participant can prepare 6 faction specific decks (no more than 1 deck per faction)
4) Before the start of the tournament, each participant will present 4 factions giving both the right to ban one of the presented opposing faction.
5) Victory is awarded to the player who wins for each of the 3 decks
6) Each participant before the tournament must provide screenshots of their deck to the judge / organizer of the tournament
7) All rule qualifiers apply to grand finals


Thank you for your support and good luck! See you in Orbit!