Star Crusade Update — cards with Energize and bug fixes — V1.0.1.18.S87


Balance changes (cards and modules):

Card: Ethereal Enlightenment

Change: Drawback

New version: You gain 1 PSYCHIC CHARGE at the end of your turn. You start with 15 less HP

Old version:  You gain 1 PSYCHIC CHARGE at the end of your turn. You start with 10 less HP

Card: Consult General Staff

Change: Cost

New version: 11 Energy

Old version: 8 Energy


Card: Forward base

Change: Mechanics, Stats

New version: ACTIVATE: give random friendly unit +1 FIREPOWER. IMPACT: lower the cost of one unit played per turn by FIREPOWER

Old version:  ACTIVATE: give random friendly unit +1 FIREPOWER. IMPACT: lower the cost of your units by FIREPOWER

New version: 3 HP

Old version: 4 HP


Card: Vraxxian Packmaster

Change: Type

New version: No type

Old version: Support


Card: Core Breacher Pods

Change: Cost

New version: 18 Energy

Old version: 15 Energy


New rules of energy gain:

Player starts with 0 energy. Maximum value is 40. Energy accumulates from the following sources:

1) The destruction of enemy units (gain energy equal to the unit’s supply cost)

2) Gain energy for damaging enemy commander by units and commanders (including weapons). Energy is obtained if a unit or the commander attacks or responds to attack with damage dealt. Other sources of damage do not bring energy: tactics, cards abilities, modules and so on. Energy increases by 1 per attack.

3) Gain energy by special cards and tactics.


Changes: Now you don’t get energy for the destruction of weapons and for dealing damage to a commander other than through a regular attack; also damage inflicted to the psy-shield of Commander now has no difference from damage to health.


Cards with ENERGIZE:

Wolves at the Gate – Target friendly unit gains CLOAK until your next turn. ENERGIZE 4: another random friendly unit gains CLOAK


Assimilation – Deal 1 DMG to a unit, if that kills it, add it to your hand. ENERGIZE 7: deal 2 DMG instead.


Discharge – All enemy units gain text “Recieve 1 DMG at the end of turn”. ENERGIZE 12: Recieve 2 DMG instead”


Syndicate Security – ACTIVATE: If you have a mercenary unit on board gain +1 ATK. ENERGIZE 3: also gain +1 HP


Onslaught – For every unit killed this turn, DEPLOY a 1/1 Torka Hound. ENERGIZE 8: Torka Hounds gain +1/+1


Rampage – Your Commander gains ASSAULT this turn. ENERGIZE 6: also gain +1 ATK this turn


Pattern Buffer – DESTROY a friendly unit, then REDEPLOY it with +1/+1. ENERGIZE 7: REDEPLOY with +2/+2 instead


Forge Lord – ACTIVATE: the next cyborg unit deployed costs (2) less SUPPLY (min: 0). ENERGIZE 6: costs (3) less instead


Cloning Vats – DEPLOY a copy of random Aberration in play. ENERGIZE 8: DEPLOY a copy of target Aberration


Genetic Trigger – MUTATE all units. ENERGIZE 6: all friendly Aberrations gain +1/+1


Mammoth Tank – ACTIVATE: DEPLOY two 1/1 Guardsmen. ENERGIZE 6: all Guardsmen gain Emergency Bunkers


Raptor Tank – ARMORED. ENERGIZE 8: also gain SCREEN


Vraxxian Headhunter – ACTIVATE: All units lose CLOAK. ENERGIZE 6: gain ATK and HP equal to number of Cloaks revealed


Sniper – ACTIVATE: Deal 1 DMG. ENERGIZE 4: and return this unit to your hand


Fighter Ace – ACTIVATE: gain SOAK 1 if you have other units on board. ENERGIZE 4: give SOAK 1 to target friendly unit instead


Battle Tactician – ACTIVATE: All CYPHER cards cost (1) SUPPLY until the end of your turn. ENERGIZE 6: DRAW a card for every CYPHER played this turn


Bug fixes:

Aegis Defender – after being changed by Cyber Displacer, the new card was still protecting the hero

Iron Grip – the cypher could be triggered on a non-weapon attack (e.g. on Geharis’ module activation)

Duskwind Guerrilas – card’s text didn’t work

Field Medic – two copies of this card could affect the same target
We are aware of some remaining balance issues with modules. There will be an additional update in the near future that addresses the cost of a lot of energy modules. Thank you for your patience!