Star Crusade Global Launch!



We are proud to announce the official release of Star Crusade CCG! After months of dialogue between our development team and our dedicated beta players, we are launching the game globally on Steam and iOS, fully voiced and localized in 7 languages, with six unique factions, 400+ cards, customizable commander modules, enhanced energy mechanics, video tutorials, detailed unit lore, player profile and avatars, improved visuals and a lot more.


If you are a new player, make sure to check out the HELP section to learn more about the game!


To connect your Steam account to iOS you need to:
(1) Launch Star Crusade from Steam, go to Settings – Account and press “Registration”
(2) Launch Star Crusade on your mobile device, go to Settings and tap Login
(3) Enter the e-mail and password you created in step (1)


As we are expecting an influx of players, we kindly ask that everyone pitches in to help and support their engagement and quick acclimation into the Star Crusade universe. Please give a warm welcome to all new and returning Star Crusaders!


Thank you for support!