Star Crusade update — Thursday, December 24th

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays from the Star Crusade team!

We have rolled out a small update to alleviate some of the issues with the game right now. Thanks, everyone, for your support and patience as we continue to wage the eternal battle against bugs both galactic and microscopic in scope. Check out the change log below!

– new sound and visual effects when opening booster packs
==> first one to post a screenshot of a HEROIC or PARAGON card reveal effect gets two booster packs!
==> first one to post a video of this effect gets three booster packs! :)

– Raid cards are now sorted by supply cost
– ability to toggle on and off opponent’s emotes (each opponent or all emotes)
– added card trigger effect during gameplay
– added “Tactic” icon to tactic cards
– added “Back” button to Fusion mode
– added “Beta” tag to our logo on main menu

– fixed issue with game hanging sometimes after opening the initial tutorial booster packs
– fixed issue with being stuck on loading screen, after exiting raid mode during deck creation
– fixed other issues with being stuck on loading screen when buying a raid entrance
– fixed issue with disconnect/reconnect loop when you try to play with a deck after melting one or more cards within that deck (the decks are now properly shown after melting cards)
– fixed visual bug with credit balance increasing after spectating a victory
– first planet of each raid will not show up as captured at the beginning of the raid
– lots of corrections of typos in cards
– fixed issue with scaling of long player nicknames

I will also update the sticky topic with a list of known bugs and issues in the “Bug Reports” subforum. We’re aware that the matchmaking issue is a big one right now — we’re working on it and I will let you know when to expect the update as soon as I know!

Thanks again, and I’ll see you in orbit!