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 Balance changes of the following 13 cards and modules:


• “Heavy Infantry” card. Attack reduced from 3 to 2.

• “Rippers” card. Text changed to: At the end of your turn, gain 1 ATTACK.

• “Syndicate Enforcers” card. Text changed to: Every time you play a card deal 1 damage to a random enemy.

• “Mystic Apprentice” card. Health reduced from 3 to 2.

• “Phoenix Fighter” card. Text changed to: SOAK 2. ACTIVATE: your opponent gains (1) additional SUPPLY crate

• “Rend” card. Text changed to: Replaces your left module with “Deal 2 damage to a random enemy”. Next time: add 1 extra damage

• “Fusion Bomb” card.Text changed to: DESTROY all units. Both Commanders cannot gain ENERGY this turn

• “Toxic Creeper” card. Cost increased from 0 to 1.

• “Arsenal” module. Cost increased from 6 to 8 energy.

• “Efficiency” module. Cost increased from 7 to 8 energy.

• “Compression Algorithm” module. Cost increased from 8 to 10 energy.

• “Viromorphic Spores” module. Cost increased from 12 to 14 energy.

• “Mad Minute” module. Text changed to: Select a unit with 5 or less attack. It can attack one more time. Cost reduced from 14 to 11 energy.


We wish you successful battles!