Reid – a special type of game, where your rank is not important. There can recruit an equal battle with intergalactic veteran.

The raid mode, you can not use the prepared deck, and its constituent before the game of the accident of the proposed maps.

Combat conditions:

The first entry in the raid to free you. Each subsequent costs 100 credits. In a raid you need to team up with one of three random fractions and complete the set-army for her.

Capture planets:

After creating an army you have to open the map of star systems, and choose the first target to be captured.

Successfully captured by the system you will carry the flag and the color of your faction. The other star systems are the flags and colors of other invaders, fighting at the moment in the raid.

Going into the raid on the planet colors Shang-Ti, it is likely to fight in a battle with the representative of this particular race.

The victory and the reward:

For each captured the star system you will be rewarded – loans, raw and random maps. Among them may be the rarity of the card even “Paragon”! With each victory in the raid, captured systems bring more resources.

Choosing a path for his campaign through the galaxy note that over the capture of some systems you can get bonus resources. It can be loans, additional cards or even replacement vehicles. There are also fortified systems that require to capture three wins!


Reid continues up to three of your defeats. Then, alas, I have to go back for reinforcements. As compensation, the command will give you a random card.