Patchnotes 10.03.16


Greetings, Star Crusaders! Server maintenance has concluded and the game is available. A new Star Crusade ranked season has begun!


The list of rewards can be seen on our Star Crusade website:


List of changes:
1. Added a new batch of rewarding missions. All new players will receive the new mission chain after completing the tutorial. Other players will receive it at the next change of daily active missions.
2. You may now purchase Captain, Conquerer and Emperor packs in the store on iOS!
3. Added improved end turn animation on the iPad.
4. Performed general optimization and improved the effects on the iPad and iPhone versions of Star Crusade CCG.
5. You may now log into Steam through a secure account created on the mobile version of Star Crusade CCG.
Attention! Progress on the Star Crusade Steam account in this case will be lost forever!


Cards fixes:
1. “Fleet Beacon” acts according to the text now – units are deployed at the start of your turn, not at the end of enemy turn.
2. “Pain Projection” functioning was fixed. When it interacts with “Augmented Sentry”, the unit takes damage first and gets shield after.
3. “Gremlin Protocol”:
Before: Your opponent’s next module use will cost (1) SUPPLY or (7) ENERGY more
Now: Your opponent’s next module use will cost (1) SUPPLY or (5) ENERGY more