Patchnotes 09.15.16



General Changes:
1. Fixed an issue where users Rank 26 and above very often match a game with a bot.
2. Fixed an issue where users sometimes could not find a Raid opponent.
3. Reduced the move timer from 120 to 80 seconds.


Card Mechanics:
1. Fixed an issue where the Module “Master of Logistics” decreases the cost of multiple cards before taking them from the deck
2. Fixed a problem where a card’s values effected by “nullify” were incorrectly calculated.
3. Fixed the mechanism of discounted Cards: A card discounted after it has been drawn and returned to a player’s hand will reset to its original cost.
4. Fixed an issue with word artifacts on the play field related to “Mutate” cards.
5. When triggered, the “Negotiate Ceasefire” Cypher no longer gives out energy for a failed hit.


Dear Star Crusaders! We apologize for the disconnects that some of you have been experiencing in the last 24 hours. We’ve been informed by our off-site data center that there was an issue on their end that has been force disconnecting our games, causing some games to be auto surrendered. This issue has now been corrected and we have created a special promo code, to thank you for your patience and support. Enter WarpDriveOnline in the Special Codes section in the Settings to claim it. Thank you very much!