New Vraxxian Pack available in the Store!

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Defeat the Vraxxians in combat to unlock this faction.
You can enter your profile or “Skirmish” mode and select Grix as an opponent. After defeating him, you will be able to create your own invincible Vraxxian deck!


Also check out the new “Vraxxian” pack in the store — loaded with unique content and a ton of boosters!
• 60 Vraxxian Boosters – 360 Vraxxian cards total!
• Paragon card “Pridemistress Shagar”
• Special “Vraxxians” Cardback
• Special “Vraxxian Marauders” Cardback
• Special “High Mane Grix” Avatar
• 5 Free Raid Passes
• 300 Scrap
• Level 15 boost for High Mane Grix, the Vraxxian Commander, which includes the base cards and modules set


Collect all the new cards and crush your opponents – for Vraxxia!