New game mechanics “Link”!


Star Crusaders! Upon the release of the “Shadow of the Council” update, new mechanics called “LINK” will be introduced to the game.


“LINK” is a synergy of “ACTIVATE” and “IMPACT” which is characteristic of Council Units. The effect can be activated and used if one of the adjacent units belongs to one of the listed types.


“LINK” effect stops working if a Council unit or another unit with the required properties was destroyed or repositioned.
If the player places a unit of the required type next to a Council unit, “LINK” will resume working.


As an example of the work of mechanics, we would like to provide you new card which will be added to the game in one of the following updates!


Name: Embryo the Mad
Faction: Neutral
Tag: Unit
Rarity: Heroic
Type: Council
Card Stats and Text: Costs 6. Stats 4/8. SCREEN. LINK (Aberration): Gain CRITICAL, REVENGE: Deal 2 damage to all friendly characters


Attention! This card is in development so the text and characteristics may still change.


See you in orbit!