Hot-fixes 09.06.16-09.07.16. Preparing for global release



1. Attack of a unit with 1 attack is correctly resoted after it was under the effect of Noise Veil module.
2. Noise Veil interacts correctly with Impact and Zeal effects.
3. Contamination module is triggered if you control Master Geneshaper as well as Geneshaper Apprentice.
4. Dealing damage to a Commander with Psychic Charge is animated right.
5. Band of Brothers and Tactical Flexibility modules interract correctly.
6. Abaku Scavenger steals energy even if dies after an attack.
7. Titans, Syndicate Enforcers and Mystic Apprentices abilities can’t target a destroyed unit.
8. Hit and Run Tactics module interacts correctly with Heavy Infantrys ability.
9. If you nullify a non-damaged unit with health decreased its health is restored.
10. Mechanics of Fleshborer was changed: it no longer summons new one if the original Fleshborer died while destroying a unit.