GME League RAID #2 updated information

shan_u_InfectedMilitiaDear friends, we have slightly updated the information about the upcoming GME League RAID tournament #2!

We have already expanded the number of the participiants to 102 and are trying to give an opportunity to participate to everyone. Thereby, we have also increased the number of prizes, and the prize pool will be distributed as follows:

  1. 30 boosters
  2. 20 boosters
  3. 15 boosters
  4. 5 boosters
  5. 5 boosters
  6. 5 boosters
  7. 5 boosters
  8. 5 boosters
  9. 5 boosters
  10. 5 boosters

The registration ends on 7:00 AM PDT 14/05/2016. Keep in mind, that you must confirm the participation in 50 minutes after the registration ends. As soon as all the players are ready, we will generate the grid and start the competition!

Good luck!

And do not forget to join us on the live streams – all the best matches will be broadcasted by our friends on twitch. We will provide the full list of the streamers prior to the tournament launch.