GME-Arena announce a series of tournaments


Greetings, Star Crusaders! GME-Arena team and Star Crusade community announce registration for a series of tournaments!

Starting from July 24th the tournaments will be held every two weeks with a prize fund of 40$ and 30 boosters each. The final tournament with a prize fund of 300$ will be held after all qualifiers. To get a place in the final you have to take 1st or 2nd place in the qualifying tournament. Those who have acquired 1st or 2nd place during qualifying are forbidden to participate in other qualifiers.

The tournament is on a Russian-language platform, but you can use automatic Google Translate on the entire page. This will help you to find the right features for registration, familiarization with the rules and participation.

Link to The Crusade #1 tournament (starts July 24th):

The Crusade #2 (August 7th):

The Crusade #3 (August 21th):

The Crusade #4 (September 4th):

We wish you good luck in the coming trials, Star Crusaders!