“Exploration” mode – daily rewards


As of 10.31.16, Star Crusade has added a new “Exploration” mode (daily rewards). We’ve also added a mini guide!


How can I get daily rewards?


1) Choose “Eploration”
2) Click “Start”
3) Your ship moves a random number of moves (1-5) up on the star map


Actions and timer:


The player may take 2 actions per day; the minimum time between an action is 2 hours
The timer will start a countdown to the next action after your first daily action is taken:
After your final daily action, the timer will start the countdown to your next day action:  Снимок


Unique Feature Elements:


Barrier: Move your ship a random number of spaces back on the star map

Refuel:  Your ship moves a random number of moves up on the star map
Secret Way: Your ship crosses to a Secret Way
Energy: The player receives an extra action per day