End of the “Triumphant” Tournament


Star Crusaders, second “Triumphant” tournament has ended!

We thank all the participants of the tournament for interesting and challenging matches!


Congratulations to the winner of the finals and the strongest Star Crusade player on the results of the tournament – Summan, who in the final series of matches was able to beat tim19i with a score of 3:1


1 place Summan – 575 Fracta and “Triumphant” cardback
2 place tim19i – 220 Fracta and “Triumphant” cardback
3 place MeowMeow – 100 Fracta and “Triumphant” cardback


Players who are in 1/4 of the qualifying matches get 40 Fracta and a “Triumphant” cardback: guka12, Waraus, Reportme, AndyK3253, DaoSerge.


The remaining participants of the tournament receive “Triumphant” cardbacks: KapitanLucky, nivasia, Grom__, xDSMx, DilusSun, Tails55, Darkslya, Reftamid, M1xalis, AllaMassterran, sebosam11, Saiia, dota2volt, FuraunD, stepanovux, turned, DuskyKerb, Z0rn_SC, Dimycia, s.kinder, qoyote, LordDuke


Awards will be granted to all participants of the tournament very soon!


Please get your ingame nickname if you use different name in the tournament grid.


Good luck in the following tournaments! See you in orbit!