Consortium rush-deck

We suggest you to try an inexpensive Consortium rush-deck!



Modulesrush consort

1) Redeem Contract (reimbursement) – helps to capture the table
2) Hit and run – helps to make profitable exchange of units
3) Arsenal – multipurpose module for trade of units or attack opponent’s commander

Try to find cheap units and weapons. If weapon gives you Dealer – use mass units with credit. If you captured the table – kill enemie’s commander with a salary increase. Trade your units for fixing on the table. Try to prevent the enemy from clearing the table. The faster you play, the better.


1) 2x Contract hit – a convenient way to deal with opponent’s units. Important to kill enemy’s unit – your credit will be clear. It works well with Dealers and Agents.
2) 2x Privateer Raid – ideal for finishing off an enemy. Works best with the Agent
3) 2x Projective services – a convenient way to trade and gain screen to your unit
4) 2x Syndicate Security and 2x Syndicate Tought – it is desirable to get them to the starting hand
5) 2x Eridani Guards – useful for capture the table
6) 1x Shadow Operative – All your Mercenary cards cost 1 less Supply. The sooner you get it in your hand, the better
7) 2x Displacer Cannon – you can trade it with weak enemie’s unit, and deploy one of the random mercenaries, which can speed up your development
8) 2x Double Retainer – you can quickly complete the game in case the table is captured
9) 2x Eridani Battalion – very powerful for its cost. Much better to use with Dealer
10) 2x Spy Network – It will restore your hand if there you have few cards
11) 2x Syndicate Agent – deal additional damage to kill the enemy. You should keep at least one to complete the game fast
12) 2x Veteran Advisor – mass increase power of the units on the table