Conclusion of Fourth Ranked Season of Star Crusade


Greetings, Star Crusaders!

The fourth ranked season of Star Crusade (March 2016) will be concluding on April 1st @ midnight PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). As always, thank you for all those bug reports and for your patience!

At this time, at the beginning of the new season we will reset not only player’s achieved rank, but the rating as well.

This season, all players who reached rank 29 will receive 5 boosters and 100 scrap! In addition, as always, there are some extra rewards!

Additional Rewards for Rank Achieved during Ranked Play:
Reaching Rank 28:
==> 1 free booster pack
Reaching Rank 25:
==> 3 free booster packs
Reaching Rank 20:
==> 5 free booster packs
==> “Battle Hardened” card back
Reaching Rank 15:
==> 7 free booster packs
==> 100 credits
==> “Battle Hardened” card back
Reaching Rank 10:
==> 10 free booster packs
==> 200 credits
==> “Battle Hardened” card back
Reaching Rank 6:
==> 13 free booster packs
==> 250 credits
==> “Battle Hardened” card back

Additional Rewards for Imperators
==> 15 free booster packs
==> 100 scrap
==> “Battle Hardened” and “Disciple of the Crusade” card backs

This season, all the Imperators also receive 1 additional point each for the competition for the exclusive card illustration.

All cards, factions, credits, scrap, purchases and achievements will NOT be reset and will remain on your account after the conclusion of this (and every) season.

Thank you all again for your participation and for your support of the game! See you in orbit!