Commanders Gear


Star Crusaders!


After server maintenance you will be able to change the appearance of all of your Commanders!


All Commanders will get access to 3 themed sets with 8 items in each!


All items for customizing your commanders can be found in Crates. Crates also contain other unique in-game items, including new avatars and card backs!


Types of crates:
Locked crates will be awarded to you for winning in the casual and ranked game modes. To get the reward you will have to unlock them. The rarer the crate – the longer it takes to unlock it.


At the moment, there are 3 types of crates:
• Standard (contains common items). Your scientists can unlock these in 4 hours.
• Elite (contains common and elite items). They have better security, so unlocking each takes 12 hours.
• Paragon (contains common, elite and Paragon items). These are the rarest and best protected containers – unlocking one of these crates takes 24 hours.


Unlocked crates can be purchased in the game store or received as daily login bonuses.


What can you get from crates?
• Gear for commanders
• Unique cards
• Avatars
• Card backs
• Fracta
• Boosters (including Vraxian ones)
• Tickets for raids
• Raw materials
• Credits


See you in orbit!