Types of cards



The foundation of any army units are the card. It does not matter whether it is a lone or militia huge space cruiser – being will remain on the battlefield and fight against the enemies until such time until they are destroyed. They are faithful to you until death, Commander! Usually…

Units may be neutral or belong to a particular faction, different parameters and type. And many of them have special properties.



Unlike units, slowly but surely exciting field and lead you to victory, tactics cards – it is powerful, but one-off effects.

They are capable of in one move to reverse the tide of battle. Destroy one powerful enemy units or many smaller; strengthen your soldiers, giving them useful properties; get out of the deck new cards … Or simply – to finish off an enemy commander and win the battle.



Ciphers – variety, tactics cards.

After drawing ciphers expect any enemy action and triggered the most inopportune moment. And most importantly – the enemy can not see what kind of cipher played against him. This will force him to act cautiously, even in a situation where he had a clear advantage.



In the decisive moments of battle, commander can escape from the forces of command and personally engage in battle. In this it is helped by elements of equipment.

As a rule, these weapons – but there are also items that enhances the commander’s own units. But be aware – every use of the object reduces its strength, and sooner or later, any equipment will be broken.