A big content update!


Star Crusaders! In August 2017, we plan to release a large content add-on with more than 70 new cards – Shadow of the Council!


With the release of new cards, a new type of booster – Council, containing all the new additional cards will appear in the game. You can purchase a booster of the new type once a day using credits. The price of boosters in fracta currently stays the same.


The Vraxian booster will be removed from the game. All cards from the Vraxian add-on are available in the Core booster. If at the time of the update you have leftover Vraxian boosters, they will be converted to Core boosters.


The cost of boosters in Star Crusade has remained unchanged since the release of the project. During this time, we have added multiple new ways of obtaining credits and other game assets: Exploration mode, free Crates and Daily login bonuses. That is why, with the addition of Council booster, we made a decision to revise their cost. After the update, a Core booster will cost 200 credits, and Council booster – 300 credits. While the add-on is underway, booster prices may change.


New cards from the add-on will be available for creation for scrap with increased cost.


This list of upcoming changes is not complete. Follow the news.


See you in orbit!