New feature in the game – Animated Cards!

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Star Crusaders!

With the next update, you will have the opportunity to make some of your cards animated, as well as change the color of their frames!


Animated cards FAQ.


How to make a regular card animated?
1. You must have at least one copy of an upgradable card
2. You can modify the card in the deckbuilder. To do this, you need to go to the “Enhanced” tab and select the necessary card
3. You can change your card frame to gold with fracta or to other colors using special items
4. These items can be found in daily bonuses and crates:
• Common crate – 1 item of paint of random color
• Elite crate – 2 items of paint of random color
• Paragon crate – 3 items of paint of random color


• When you change the color of a regular card, it is replaced with an animated card
• If you have several identical cards, you can color each of them with a unique color
• You can color the card more than once, but the paint that you applied earlier will be lost


The required number of items for coloring cards of varied rarity:
• Elite – 3 items
• Heroic – 4 items
• Paragon – 5 items


Price for coloring cards in gold:
• Elite – 100 fracta
• Heroic – 125 fracta
• Paragon – 150 fracta


With the release of Update 1.3, the following cards will be available for upgrade: Titan, Material Defender, Horror of the Shade, Fleet Beacon, The Manovar, Carbonic Protector, The Restless, Soul Devourer, Replicant, Preacher


See you in orbit!