The 6th rank season has started. Patchnotes 01.06.2016

new5Star Crusaders, the 6th rank season has started! Take a look at the accompanying update.



– In the “Raid Mode” and “Rating Game Mode” two players cannot get into a fight against each other again for 5 minutes

– Added cardback “Triumfant” for participation in GME League tournaments

– The “Buy 50 Booster packs” achievement is replaced by “Buy 500 Booster packs” achievement

– Modules are added to the potential rewards for the planets capture in the “Raid Mode”

– Changed player’s rating system

– New victory and defeat animations


– Some new card arts


– Аbility to switch between static and dynamic planets in settings



– Fixed incorrect or missing descriptions of some cards on the table

– Fixed several bugs in the mechanics of some cards

– Fixed long animation of “Initiative” card