update — Saturday, December 19th

Hello everyone!

Our open beta has now been live for a whooping FOUR days, and I just wanted to pass along a very big “THANK YOU” from our entire development group to you, our kick-ass Star Crusaders!

Please continue to play the game, stay active in the forums, and file those bugs — we read EVERYTHING, even though we may not always be able to respond to that everything right away. :)

To keep things moving, and to deal with a few issues, we rolled out a small update early this morning. Here’s the (abridged) change log:

  • missions should now renew every 24 hours, as intended!
  • separated the deck-builder and crafting tutorial from the main one to allow players to get into the game faster
  • removed tutorial games from list of spectatable matches (turns out, it’s not that fun to watch other people play the tutorial)
  • added a new starter mission after the tutorial
  • increased overall Raid rewards
  • fixed the majority of the disconnect/reconnect issues
  • fixed and enabled Steam achievements
  • corrected rare glitches with “end turn” button
  • fixed loss of sound/music (when multi-tasking)
  • fixed a glitch with the “defeat a friend” mission
  • updated the ability glossary to explain more of the game terms/functionality properly (we know this is still NOT good enough, we are working on improving this in the next few updates)
  • a few minor fixes for cards and UI elements

I’ve also posted a sticky topic in the Bug Reports subforum which outlines a few of the more popular, or pesky, known issues in the game at this time.

Thanks again for playing, and we’ll see you in orbit!