Server maintenance has concluded


Star Crusaders!


Server maintenance has concluded and the game is available.


• “Mr. Bradford” card is now available for creating in the fusion mode or can be obtained from boosters
• The maximum of decks that player can create has been increased to 20
• Fixed a bug with the double mutation when using “Bioneedle Cannon” card
• Fixed a bug where a number of Shan’Ti cards with the Revenge text was deployed 2 “Cocoon” instead of 1.
• The text of Devour now works only when “White Fang” stay alive
• Fixed a mechanics of “Weaver of Synthus” card
• Mechanics of the “Blink Generator” card and the “Fledglings” module brought into line with the text
• Fixed a bug where player could have 2 “Mr. Slink” cards in the deck
• Made changes to the text of the “Pirate Outrider” card
• Health of the “White Fang” unit reduced by 1


We wish you successful battles!