Cards in Crates. Part 2

B-13 Hollow Pathfinder Reckless Bomber Tactical Bait


Cards in Crates. Part 2


Star Crusaders! Today we will tell what cards can be obtained from the Elite container!


  • Tactical Bait. Costs 4. Stats 4/3. REVENGE: Split your Commander’s attack to all enemy units
  • Reckless Bomber. Costs 5. Stats 4/3 ACTIVATE: Deal 3 DAMAGE. Your Commander takes 3 DAMAGE as well
  • Pathfinder. Costs 2. Stats 2/2. REVENGE: DRAW Vraxxian card from your deck
  • B-13 Hollow. Costs 3. Stats 3/1. CLOAK. DRAW a Massive card from your deck every time this unit attacks

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See you in orbit!