Update 1.3.4 is already here!


Star Crusaders! Server maintenance has concluded and Star Crusade is once again availabl


• Improved the Top 100 players window. Now every player sees his position in the Ranked Season
• Added progress tab for the ranked season missions
• Improved a number of UI elements
• Optimized the window of the deckbilder for mobile devices
• New ranked season now starts automatically on the 1st of every month at 01.00 PDT
• Added new localization of the game – Portuguese


Balance changes of 2 cards:
• “Rend” card. Text chage to: Replaces your left module with “Deal 2 damage to a random enemy unit”. Next time: add 1 extra damage
• “Toxic Creeper” card. Health increased from 1 to 2.
See you in orbit!